Network Music Festival

A hi-tech musical weekender // 26-28th September 2014

Chikashi Miyama

miyamaThe goal of this work is to realize an artistic integration of performer, electronic sound, and live video, and to compose intimate quasi-contrapuntal relationship amongst these three elements.

In order to detect the movement of hands, the performer wears a pair of glove-shaped interface, equipped with three kinds of sensors; an infrared sensor, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. A Xbee RF-Module, connected to these sensors, send the data of moving hands to the host computer wirelessly every 20 milliseconds via an IEEE 802.15.4 network. In the host computer, a software synthesizer and a video-generating program, developed with PureData and OpenFrameworks, share the data from the gloves and generate electronic sound and live-video in realtime. All devices and software are developed by the performer for this work.

Chikashi Miyama is a composer, video artist, interface designer, performer, and author. He received a MA (Sonology/2004) from Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan, a Nachdiplom (Komposition im Elektronischen Studio/2007) from Music academy of Basel, Switzerland, and a Ph.D (Composition/2011) from University at Buffalo, New york, USA. His compositions have received an ICMA award (2011/UK), a second prize in SEAMUS commission competition (2010/St. Cloud, USA), and a special prize in Destellos Competition (2009/Argentina). In 2011, he received a research grant from DAAD and worked as a visiting researcher at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. He is currently teaching at College of Music and Dance, Cologne, Germany and working as a researcher at ICST Zürich.