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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Kolabacats // Beyond the Alley

As an experimental and collaborative music collective, risk-taking has always been at the heart of the Kolabacats’ vision. In this spirit, for this new edition of the Network Music Festival, we invite YOU to join us in our most ambitious experiment yet: creating the longest relay composition chain in the world.

The Kolabacats collective will kick things off with a series of live video streams in which each of our seven members will create in turn. First, a new composition will be started from scratch, with a time limit of 60 minutes. Then, a second composer will remix, flesh out and expand the ideas and textures contained in the first iteration, again with only 60 minutes on the clock. The process will repeat itself a third, fourth and fifth time, until all of the seven composers have had the chance to add something to the work of the others.

This is where you come in. Everyone willing to take part will be added to a global list of composers who will carry on the work initiated by the collective and produce their very own variation of the composition featured during the festival. Each new version will be posted on Kolabacats’ Bandcamp account with the appropriate composition credits along with every previous version. We hope to create the biggest, longest composition chain in the world, uniting people of all nationalities, genders, beliefs and backgrounds around one common value: music.

How far can we go? Let’s find out together!

The KOLABACATS are a collaborative and decentralized electronic music collective founded in 2018.

The KOLABACATS’ vision is centered around collective music creation across the Internet: members are always physically distant from one another, but work together on the same compositions and share a common creative universe. Always up for a challenge, the collective often imposes musical, physical and mental challenges on its members during the composition process, in order to push everyone outside of his/her comfort zone.

The KOLABACATS does not impose a creative vision on its members: each collaborator is free to create music in any genre without any commercial, stylistic or editorial restrictions or limitations, using any tool he/she wants. The collective is meant to be a creative safe space where members are encouraged to take risks and make bold artistic choices.

You can sign up to join the composition chain here:

This event will run parallel to the main NMF live stream at the following link:

Event Schedule:

July 15th 2200-2330 / Vincent Fillion (also on
July 16th 0100–0230 / Francis Lecavalier
July 16th 2200-2330 / Jérémie Ricard
July 17th 0100-0230 / Gabriel Essiambre
July 17th 1700-1830 / Renaud Bouliane
July 17th 2200-2330 / Barbara Finck-Beccafico
July 18th 1330-1430 / Guillaume Raymond (pt. 1) (also on
July 18th 0945-1045 / Guillaume Raymond (pt. 2)
July 15th 1700-1830 / Vincent Fillion (also on

July 15th 2000–2130 / Francis Lecavalier
July 16th 1700-1830 / Jérémie Ricard
July 16th 2000–2130 / Gabriel Essiambre
July 17th 1200-1330 / Renaud Bouliane
July 17th 1700-1830 / Barbara Finck-Beccafico
July 18th 0830-0930 / Guillaume Raymond (pt. 1) (also on
July 18th 0945-1045 / Guillaume Raymond (pt. 2)