Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Laptop Battle

Throughout the Festival we want to revive the tradition of freestyle rap battles but with a laptop (or other mobile computing device) as the performance instrument. Any festival participant or audience member can volunteer to take part in this two-day miniature tournament. We need at least 8 contestants to get it going. The first show will be Saturday morning, going through until Sunday evening.

// Provisional schedule:

12.50 pm – Opening, Collectiong of Participants
4.30 pm – First Battle
5.50 pm – Second Battle
9.00 pm (@Stryx) – Third Battle

1.45 pm – Fourth Battle
4.50 pm – Semi-Finals
8 pm – Finals


// Basic Rules:

>1. Gear specifications:
i. Contestants can use up to one (1) midi controller & one (1) soundcard & one (1) microphone/line input.
ii. All gear must fit in a 2′ x 2′ square.

>2. Battles are chosen randomly by drawing names out of a hat.

>3. Each battles are 3 minutes long. Contestants can choose whether they want a 30 second warning issued by the MC. At 3 minutes the MC will fade out the contestant’s output.

>4. Judges decide the outcome of battles in a single elimination style.

>5. Contestants must be at the location of the battle half an hour before the battle for reasons below.
a. minimum amount of set-up time.
b. alternates will be onsite to take the place of contestants who fail to show up on time.