Network Music Festival

A hi-tech musical weekender // 26-28th September 2014


Project Manager: Shelly Knotts

Project Co-ordinator: Charles Celèste Hutchins

Project Assistant (Web): Holger Ballweg

Project Assistant (Documentation): Jonas Hummel

Graphic Consultant: Antonio Roberts

Network Music Festival is an independently organised event led by a small team of artists. We are grateful for the ongoing support from FOSSBOX CIC and for the support for 2014’s festival from University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and the AHRC funded Live Code Research Network.


The reviewing of OPEN CALL submissions for NMF 2014 was supported by:

Alo Allik
Ryoko Akama        University of Huddersfield
Emilie Le Bel
Alexandra Cardenas
Sam Freeman        Manchester Metropolitan University
Victoria Gibson
Laura Plana Gracia        elektronische-art&music
Tim Howle        University of Kent
Norah Lorway        University of Birmingham
Thor Magnusson
Sophie McDonald        MzTEK / sketchPatch / Queen Mary University of London
Chad McKinney
Alex McLean        University of Leeds
David Ogborn        McMaster University
Eleonora Oreggia        Queen Mary University of London
Julien Ottavi       association APo33
Jenny Pickett       association APo33
Jorge Ramirez       r4m4z4 / Mico Rex
Samuel Rodgers

Margaret Schedel        Stony Brook University
Jessica Thompson       University of Waterloo
Rachel Devorah Trapp
Eldad Tsabury             Concordia University