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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Andamio // MEMORIAS

MEMORIAS is a project that takes, shares and mixes personal memories that are expanded in three different materialities: text, visuals and sounds. This project understands the memory as a system built through individual and collective resemblances that form personal histories. The piece is a web-based project that can be presented as a live performance and as the platform for an immersive installation.

Andamio is a collaboration project where producers with different formations are found. The sound is the base element that ramified in different applications: within the body, textures and visuals. The sound image has a rhythm that assembles with the live or recorded reading, with live or pre-produced and manipulated visual images, with the textures that are added to each project.

Andamio works within three lines: production, research and education using different technologies to produce experiences. Such experiences are shared through our memories, forming constantly mutating narratives. Collaboration is an axis of work in Andamio, even though we have people that constantly work in the projects, Andamio also seeks to work with other producers that can provide alternative perspectives.

andamio’s platform: Jessica Rodríguez, Rolando Rodríguez, Manuel Zirate & Alejandro Brianza

Project written, designed and programmed by Jessica Rodríguez with the following collaborations: Vic Wojciechowska (voice in English), Rolando Rodríguez (voice in Spanish and text edition), Iracema de Andrade (cello), Alejandro Brianza (paetzold), David Ogborn (technical advisor) & Luis N. Del Angel (technical advisor).