Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Pablo Riera // Human and Artificial Friends

This project was born a few months ago, in the heat of the isolation, when the need to play music together with friends pushed the development of this project. A network of musicians (either human or artificial) collect and receive midi information through a web interface. In this presentation two keyboardist friends will have a conversation with an artificial pianist.

Pablo Riera is a researcher, programmer, teacher and musician. He recieved a Doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires in Physical Sciences. He is currently doing a postdoctoral degree in the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Buenos Aires, where he docussed on the detection of mental states in speech. Among other scientific activities, he ventured into photonics, psychoacoustics, neuroscience and high performance computing. On the artistic level, Riera has made performances using neuronal simulations and real-time electroencephalography, controlling and generating video and sound. He has given classes, talks and taught workshops on the use of mathematical and computational tools for the generation and manipulation of image and sound. He currently performs audiovisual performances with live coding and artificial intelligence.