Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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RAW performances are composed of improvisational live coded sonic structures accompanied with pre-programmed interactive visual materials. While generating sonic structures, the duo implements open source platforms to apply live coding techniques. Two computer systems are synchronized over the local network via ptpd/osc protocol. It enables the both performers to add sonic ingredients into improvisational music compositions at the same time. Moreover, the four screen input (two live coding screens, one audio reactive custom built visuals screen, one top camera) is blended with a network controlled switcher system.

RAW is a live coding duo (Selcuk Artut and Alp Tugan) creating experimental Audio Visual Performances. Performed at various Electronic Music and Media Events in places like Berlin, Tokyo, London, Helsinki, Istanbul, Belgrade, Vienna; RAW invites the audience to immerse into the performance visually with using additional top cameras, and code views projected on large displays. Sonically the audial experience moves into the fields of noise, electronic, techno, minimal and ambient genres with improvisational forms.