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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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TOPLAP Mexico: VR Algorave

TOPLAP MX is a space that seeks to explore and promote live coding and its aspects, as well as the dialogue between art and technology in Latin America and the world, we are interested in the dissemination of free knowledge, creative code and audiovisual practices with programming.

Algorave VR emerged as a proposal that seeks to share the sound and visual work of artists from the code rethinking the virtual space from the e- body. We use the mozilla hubs platform, which is currently growing and is open source, in order to provide alternatives to our users, through VR glasses (oculus, htc vive) and through the website on computers.
We modeled an abandoned factory to play with the real image of some physical venues in the CDMX highly requested by the electronic music scenes, as well as the nostalgia of the underground concerts of the first years of electronic music.
Being able to offer the public the possibility of having a body and feel the scale of a space has generated different reflections on coexistence that already existed online (second life) but adapting to the needs of socialization (through chats) in the scenic events in these times of forced confinement and pandemic crisis.

We have discovered in this first exercise of virtual space for algorave, a space where the public also coexists with another public, they take selfies or photographs within the virtual venue, share them in networks, dance, personalize their avatar, and really enjoy from other dimensions the sound, the code and the visuals of the performers.