Network Music Festival

A hi-tech musical weekender // 26-28th September 2014


The OPEN CALL for NMF 2014 is now CLOSED. 

The deadline for submissions in ALL categories is: 16th May 2014 DEADLINE EXTENDED to 1st June 2014
If your submission is accepted we will inform you by: 27th June 2014  13th July 2014


Network Music Festival 2014 invites submissions in the categories of PerformancesCollaborative Live Coding EnvironmentsInstallationsTalks and Workshops. We also include an ‘Other’ category where you are free to submit proposals that fall outside of the previous categories but that you feel would be an appropriate addition to the festival programme.

The third Network Music Festival will take place 26-28th September 2014 in Birmingham (UK). Exploring innovative digital music, art and research which investigates the impact of networking technology on musical creation and performance practice, Network Music Festival will host a weekend of cutting edge and hi-tech musical performances, installations, workshops and talks.

Although we aim to showcase a broad spectrum of approaches to network music, we particularly encourage submissions that fall under the year’s theme of collaboration through online environments and networked live coding.

Please read below for further information on submission categories and sub-categories, and for submission forms.

Information on the selection process and diversity information can be found at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about the Network Music Festival OPEN CALL you can contact the festival team by emailing with ‘OPEN CALL’ in the subject line.


Performances where networking is an integral part of the aesthetics or performance practice.

This could include (but is not limited to):

  • laptop ensembles/orchestras/bands
  • mixed networked instrumental and/or visuals and electronic groups
  • performances which use the internet as part of the performance
  • hardware networks, communicating gadgets
  • multi-location and geographically distributed performances
  • performances which use network synchronization of several performers

Proposed performances should be around 10-30 minutes in duration.

On the submission form you will be asked to indicate which of the following categories your performances fall into:


Performances suitable for a traditional concert style presentation. These performances may use stereo or quad sound projection.


Performances suitable for a late night or club venue that do not fall under the Algorave category.


Performances which use audio and/or video streaming technology to facilitate online collaboration of performers in multiple locations or to investigate aesthetic aspects of audio streaming or broadcast. One or multiple performers may or may not be present at the festival venue.


Submissions are invited which make specific use of multi-channel sound projection. Multi-channel performances will take place in BEAST’s Dome Room at University of Birmingham which has a built in 30+ channel speaker array.

Please download the technical document for speaker placement specifications: BEASTdome-spec

If your multi-channel performance could also be realised in stereo/quad, please also select  CONCERT PERFORMANCE.


This year we’ll be expanding the more rhythmic aspects of our programme into a full-on Algorave. We encourage proposals which explore how to bring networked algorithms to the dancefloor, including live coding as well as other means of making algorithms visible and club-friendly (assuming a more open-minded clubber/raver..).


In celebration of our partnership with the Live Code Research Network symposium on ‘Live coding in collaboration and network music’ which precedes the Network Music Festival in Birmingham, we will be hosting a Collaborative Live Coding Environments Showcase.

For this event we invite submissions of performance-ready, systems and prototypes which allow performers in multiple locations to interact through sound and code. Live coding environments which use the internet to share and synchronize state, enabling multi-location collaboration.

The environments should be easy to install, preferably cross-platform or browser-based and enable live coding/patching to produce audio and/or video.

In a special session at the festival the selected environments will be showcased though performances by members of the live coding community.

Please state if you prefer to supply your own performers or think the system is better suited for public interaction.

Submissions in this category could include (but are not limited to):

  • Browser-based patching languages
  • Code editors with synchronized state
  • Collaborative online GLSL editors


Sound installations which use networking as central to the aesthetic and/or creation of the work.

This could include:

  • static installations
  • installations which exploring the surrounding area
  • interactive installations using the internet
  • installations which explore the aesthetic of networking or the role of the internet in musical culture and practice

// TALKS //

The Network Music Festival will include an informal talks session open to members of the public.

Please submit Informal talks on the theme of network music. Light-hearted and accessible topics are encouraged alongside talks on new research and novel artistic practice.

Talks will be 10-20 minutes in duration.


Participatory workshops which cover topics related to sound and networking. These may focus on technological and/or artistic aspects.

Please note this is a submission to LEAD a workshop.

Please state the experience level required in order to take part in the workshop and the length of time and resources required.

// OTHER //

If there’s anything that you want to submit that you don’t feel is covered by the above categories, please submit with as much information as possible.


Selection Process

All submissions will be subject to double blind peer review. Graded submissions will then be passed on to curators who will use the graded reviews to select a balanced artistic programme.

Diversity Information

As a festival which is committed to representing the diversity of the network music community, we are collecting voluntary diversity information as part of our OPEN CALL. We collect this data to assess how successful we have been in circulating our OPEN CALL to communities of network music practitioners and to ensure our final programme is appropriately diverse. This information will not be included in the review process. We will not use diversity information for any other purpose without seeking consent.

For more information on how we use and store your data, please see our privacy policy: