Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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NMF 2020 Performance Programme

We are pleased to announce our performance programme for NMF 2020!

The festival will include more than 50 performances across 10 concerts and 4 interactive works that include audience participation. The full performance programme can be viewed here:


Our concert programme features a diverse array of music including browser-based performance platforms, video-conferencing collaboration, live coding, live scores, laptop ensembles, networked physical devices, AI bots, VR environments, mobile apps and much, much more. Our performers span the globe and are based in more than 24 countries.

We’re happy to have teamed up with the MIMIC research team to present a concert of new works that use their online platform for collaborative music making with machine intelligence.

We are also hosting 2 algoraves in VR venues in collaboration with TOPLAP Mexico and TOPLAP Berlin. Algoraves – club nights with live music generated from algorithms – have been described as a meeting point of hacker philosophy, geek culture, and clubbing. The NMF x TOPLAP algoraves will feature more than 20 performers including algoravers old and new.

In this year’s festival, we are celebrating the musical communities people have built with networking tools, through our theme of communities near and far. As many people find themselves socially distant, the importance of community is not diminished, but rather transformed, and we find that collaborating across the world is not harder than collaborating across town. Our programme of artists are approaching this theme in diverse and innovative ways, and we look forward to meeting with them and you online 15-18th July 2020.

As we look to support artists and audiences alike through the festival programme all our concerts will be free to view, but we are accepting donations on a Pay What You Can principle. All donations will go directly to artists. Through this form of mutual aid we can support each other through the exchange of culture, knowledge and funding.

Our entire programme will be delivered via our mainstage website which will go live in the coming week at Our Workshop programme with sign ups and Online Exhibition will also be launched next week!


Trailer Credits:

Video by Antonio Roberts

Music by Derek Kwan

Clips in order of appearance: Royal Laptop Squad, Naga Mas, Hindustabic Electronica, Utterings, Stephen Ruppenthal & Brain Belet, Rafaele Andrade, Andreja Andric, SuperContinent, Codie, Andamio,, Tate Carson, Gomez-Peressen, Germán Greiner, Tiri Kananuruk, Colectivo Cuatrimoto.

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