Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020


The Network Music Festival will run 24 hours a day 15-18th July 2020 to present a diverse programme of performances from artists at locations around the globe. We have the following concerts planned as part of our 2020 online performance programme. Our full performance programme will be announced in June 2020.

All performances will take place via online streaming services.


MIMIC New Works

We’re happy to be teaming up with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) funded MIMIC project, who are developing a web platform for the artistic exploration of musical machine listening and learning, for a special concert of new works developed with MIMIC tools.

The performances in this event will use MIMIC tools including the MIMIC web platform and machine learning libraries, the Sema playground for live coding language design, or the MMLL library for musical machine listening in the browser.

This event will be curated by the MIMIC research team from the OPEN CALL submissions.


VR Algorave

A special Algorave which will be hosted in an online VR environment designed by TOPLAP Mexico.

Algorave is a global movement in algorithmic dance music which typically involves live coding music and visuals. The coding interface is normally projected for the audience. This algroave explore how to bring networked algorithms to the dancefloor, including live coding as well as other means of making algorithms visible and club-friendly. This event will be curated by TOPLAP Mexico from the OPEN CALL submissions.


New to Networking

A concert of performances from musicians who have recently begun engaging with online music making due to the global pandemic, environmental concerns, or any other reason. We are interested in perspectives on how moving to online performance has changed music making and the concert will include discussions with artists after their performances about their experiences of performing online.