Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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The Network Music Festival will run 24 hours a day 15-18th July 2020 to present a diverse programme of performances from artists at locations around the globe. We have the following Algoraves planned as part of our 2020 online performance programme.

All times in GMT+1. For times in your timezone see:

Friday 17th July

2200-0300 : NMF x TOPLAP MX VR Algorave

Join the VR hub at:

A special Algorave which will be hosted in an online VR environment designed by TOPLAP Mexico.

Algorave is a global movement in algorithmic dance music which typically involves live coding music and visuals. The coding interface is normally projected for the audience. This algroave explores how to bring networked algorithms to the dancefloor, including live coding as well as other means of making algorithms visible and club-friendly.

The performers at this event are:

EleKtroPeT the Glitcher | violentemres | nu||beat | David Cr0wl3y | Codenobi and Wookie | voodoochild/ | Pietro Bapthysthe | La Salpicodera | The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble (TYPE) | BitKidS

Saturday 18th July

2200-0400 : NMF x TOPLAP Berlin Algorave

A special Algorave to launch the brand new Toplap Berlin VR space in Mozilla Hubs.

An algorave is an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques. Algoraves can include a range of styles, including a complex form of minimal techno, and the the movement has been described as a meeting point of hacker philosophy, geek culture, and clubbing. At an algorave, the computer musician may not be the main point of focus for the audience and instead, attention maybe centered on a screen that displays live coding, that is the process of writing source code, so the audience can not just dance or listen to the music generated by the source code but also to see the process of programming.

The performers at this event are:

Redes De Nadie | αℓõm | Codie | Caider | Aleksandr Yakunichev & Violetta Postnova | Atsushi Tadokoro | hellocatfood+mxwx+The Animalizer | IGnoto | RAW | Royal Laptop Squad | | Alo x digital selves