Network Music Festival

A hi-tech musical weekender // 22-24 February 2013

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We’re pleased to announce that the OPEN CALL for NMF 2014 is now OPEN. 

Network Music Festival 2014 invites submissions in the categories of PerformancesCollaborative Live Coding EnvironmentsInstallationsTalks and Workshops. We also include an ‘Other’ category where you are free to submit proposals that fall outside of the previous categories but that you feel would be an appropriate addition to the festival programme.

The third Network Music Festival will take place 26-28th September 2014 in Birmingham (UK). Exploring innovative digital music, art and research which investigates the impact of networking technology on musical creation and performance practice, Network Music Festival will host a weekend of cutting edge and hi-tech musical performances, installations, workshops and talks.

Although we aim to showcase a broad spectrum of approaches to network music, we particularly encourage submissions that fall under the year’s theme of collaboration through online environments and networked live coding.

Please see the OPEN CALL page for further information on submission categories and sub-categories, and for submission forms.

If you have any questions about the Network Music Festival OPEN CALL you can contact the festival team by emailing with ‘OPEN CALL’ in the subject line.

The deadline for submissions in ALL categories is: 16th May 2014
If your submission is accepted we will inform you by: 27th June 2014

More information and and exciting news about 2014′s festival is now up here.

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Last minute programme additions

2 Days til festival kick off, and we have some exciting last minute additions to the festival programme!

If you’re getting to Birmingham early, The Hub will giving an extended talk about their work at COMPASS Forum at the University of Birmingham, Bramhall Building on Friday 12-2pm. Free and open to all.

There will be an extra performance on Friday evening by Enrico Bertelli and Tom Webster, who will play a set of new or reworked pieces for drums and electronics.

Ben Greenaway will give a talk about “An observation of events in network enabled shared spaces; 1996 to the present.” in the General Interest Talks session on Sunday. This session will be chaired by Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures.

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Interactive Networked Web Audio Experiences

To get you in the mood for NMF2013 Patrick Borgeat (@cappelnord) has designed and created Interactive Networked Web Audio Experiences!

A set of small web toys containing a distinct musical experience, all controlled by the same interface, which explore the superimposition of different sequence lengths. Interaction is shared between all connected users and state is preserved for upcoming users. This way people from around the world can share their experience and leave trails for upcoming users to discover.

The instrument is available online NOW. Click the link to start: Have fun!

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Alongside our performance and installation programme the festival will also include a chance to explore the inner-workings of network music with a variety of general interest and specialist talks and workshops – open to all levels of experience.

Our 3 talks sessions include:

Technical Talks from tech experts and artists explaining some of the newest technological developments and projects related to Network Music.

General Interest Talks on accessible topics from network artists, including new development in music notation systems in the networked world and the challenges of performing over a network in co-located and geographically dispersed ensembles.

Pre-Concert talk with The Hub. The seminal network band The Hub will talk about their work in conversation with Dr. Nick Collins. There’ll also be an opportunity for audience questions.

We will be running 2 workshops over the saturday and sunday of the festival:

Sebastien Piquemal will run a 2 part workshop introducing the WebPD programming language for web ‘jamming’ projects. The workshop is free to NMF ticket holders and open to all levels of experience. Beginners will learn the basics of webPD and javascript and advanced users will focus on building projects.

Roger Thomas will present CIRCE: collective and interactive recording with collaborative electronics. A chance to get your hands on the controllers and tools that network artists are using to make music with in an interactive session and to record your own contribution to an album of improvised electronic music. No technical or musical knowledge required!


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OPEN CALL Installation Exhibition

The Network Music Festival will present 2 installations exhibitions this year:  m a c h i n i c d r i f t’, curated by Samuel Rodgers, and an exhibition curated by the NMF team made up of submissions to the OPEN CALL.

The NMF OPEN CALL installation exhibition will be presented at Space II at The Edge, and will present 4 works by Ian Baxter, SATSYMPH, Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Steve Bull and Rob Canning.

The exhibition will open at 6pm, Friday 22nd February ahead of our opening concert at 8pm and will be open for the duration the festival weekend.

Ian Baxter will present his work ‘Playing the Weather System’ which takes live weather data from the BBC to algorithmically determine the musical parametres of the output sound such as pitch, scale, filtering and reverb.

SATSYMPH’s ‘On a Theme of Hermes’ is a mobile phone app which participants can download to their smartphone. The participant can then go to any outdoor location and follow instructions to create an individual GPS-triggered virtual sound environment to explore.

‘Cellphonia’ by Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Steve Bull is an interactive installation where pariticpants can record a short clip of sound which is automatically added to a dynamically shifting score made up of all the participants recordings.

Rob Canning will present ‘Radio Kulturo’, an installations that rebroadcasts and remixes the national classical radio station of every country in the European Union – thus exploring notions of consensus, time and simultaneity.

More details of the ‘m a c h i n i c d r i f t’ exhibition can be found here.

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Full Performance programme available

Our full performance programme is now online here!

New to the bill are JesterN, John Wild & Thibault Autheman, Henrique Portovedo and BEER.

Artist and scientist JesterN will perform his piece Fragmentation which uses EEC technology to track the performer’s brain wave. The perform acts as an avatar within a computer-generated maze, with sound and visuals generated from the brain signals disturbing him on his quest!

Performance artist John Wild and algorthmic composer Thibault Autheman perform a piece that explores and interacts with the abundance of wireless internet networks, 3G and 4G smarphone networks, blue tooth and GPS systems and other high-speed lines which create an invisible geography of wireless communication channels.

“Spaces”, performed by saxophonist Henrique Portovedo, tackles the concept of Augmented Music Performance, including the effect on communication when interaction  between performer, sound and visuals is mediated  via networking processes.

University of Birmingham’s laptop ensemble BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research) is a live electroacoustic performance group who research network music performance and live coding. The group will perform an improvised piece where they write and hack each other’s sound generating code live in the performance space!

Watch out in the next couple of days for our installations, talks and workshops line-ups!

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Telematic Concert // Saturday 23rd Feb, 3pm

On Saturday 23rd February 3pm Melatab, Play the Moment, CLOrk (Concorida Laptop Ensemble), Hammami & Urošević and The Soundlings Collective will perform in our telematic concert.

Each exploring various aspects of the effects of using networks to communicate in multi-location performances, the telematic concert will involve more than 40 performers in over 10 locations across 7 countries!

CLOrk will perform their piece “Small-world Network” alongside acoustic ensembles Mustek and The Transcenders in multiple locations in the USA and UK. The piece explores the elements of synchronicity and multiplicity inherent in performing in multi-locations.

Hammami & Urošević will perform their audio visual piece “Abyss vs. Hyperspace”. Communicating via the internet Hammami and Uršević will combine image and video created by Katarina DJ Urošević in Serbia with Amin Hammami’s sound and music played live in Tunisia. The piece explores the mystery and horror of the abyss in Hyperspace.

Melatab‘s performance references Handel’s Water Music with musical events traversing fibre optic cables, necessary for network music, becoming a metaphor for Handel’s barge on the river Thames. Merging improvised acoustic music, with dance and electronic processes in a collective multi-location performance where synchronicity may occaisionally occur.

Play the Moment will perform the piece Excavating Desire, by Victoria Gibson. In 4 movements Excavating Desire explores desire as the core of individual identity. Play the Moment is an all female improvising multi-disciplinary ensemble based in the USA and Canada.

International sound ensemble The Soundlings Collective will perform _waveFronts, where several performers or ensembles connect via internet streaming to interact with each other. The performance investigates differences in close and distant states of embodiment and the direct and digitally mediated transmission of musical thought.

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Saturday 23rd Feb // Late Night Concert / Algorave

Joining Slub to perform in our Saturday Late Night Concert/Algorave will be Mico Rex, xname and Judy Dunaway.

Curated by Wrongheaded, the concert will build from provocative network disturbances to full kilter networked beat music.

Judy Dunaway will perform a live set streamed from Boston, USA to the festival venue in Birmingham. Performing alongside vocalist Jill Burton, Judy is investigating the affects on sound quality of streaming audio across a network and actively seeking out the addition of  audio glitches by routing the audio through multiple live streams before the sound reaches Birmingham.

xname will present her piece Tempus Fugit which investigates the effect of time lag and delay when the sounds from the room in Birmingham are sent via the internet through several servers before being replayed at the venue.

Kicking off our late night Algorave will be Mico Rex, streaming their performance direct from a venue in Mexico. Mico Rex are an experimental electro-pop duo who are pioneers of live-coding in Mexico! They combine genres such as glitch, punk, electro, bolero and future-80s, in an improvised performance with vocals, tortured home-made controllers and most importantly – dancing!

The inventors of the ‘Algorave’ – Slub – will finish the night with a set of live coded, generative, electronic dance music. Slub coined the term algorave to describe music which is ‘made for  both heads and feet, generated live from software, but made by humans for humans.’

Great music and great dancing guaranteed!